Online ISSN: 2706-8706

    Certificate ID: 925111839

    Socialization & Human Development: International Scientific Journal. Volume 1. №1 / Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, University of Szczecin (Poland), Ukrainian Association of Educational and Developmental Psychology (Ukraine) - Szczecin, Kyiv, 2019.

    The journal was launched in accordance with the founding agreement of the Public Organization "Ukrainian Association of Educational and Developmental Psychology" (agreement dated apriele 02, 2019) & Institute of Psychology at the University of Szczecin, Poland.

    The international scientific journal "Socialization and Human Development" ((SHDISJ)) is an electronic periodical, which is edited and published 1 - 2 times per river by the public organization "Ukrainian Association of Educational Psychology and Development" (Ukraine) on the basis of a cooperation agreement dated 02.04.2019 with the Psychological Institute of the University of Szczecin (Poland). The journal is focused on the coverage of modern research in the humanities, the subject of which is the features of the socio-cultural conditionality of human development at various stages of ontogenesis and its psychological effects in this regard. Particular attention is paid to highlighting the results of personality development in the context of her family, educational and scientific socialization, professional and leisure socialization, media socialization, socio-political, ethnocultural, and interspecific socialization, as well as scientifically based programs of psychological and pedagogical support for the positive socialization of a modern person.

    General information about International Journal of Education & Development

    On-line edition of the "International Journal of Education and Development" is an integral part of a joint international media project led by National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (1834), Ukraine's leading university, which is a Scientific Institute at the same time; a public organization "Ukrainian Association of Educational and Developmental Psychology", founded in March, 2015; and a Canadian publishing house: Accent Graphics Communications.